We all love shopping, but we think that lately something is going wrong with it: it's feeling like a full-time job. We browse through offers, bid, make complicated calculations on what card we should pay with, carry dozens of loyalty cards to stamp, keep track of and redeem... If we wanted to work this hard, we'd be in finance!

What happened to the simple pleasure of shopping?

Where is the serendipity of finding something you'd like to eat, wear, read, or that would be a perfect fit for a friend, and just going for it without the pre-emptive regret that some time, somewhere, you could find a better deal?

We are fans of good deals, but they should be made easier than they are today, so that we can once again enjoy the spontaneity of shopping.

That's why we created MOGi, the one stop app for shopping serendipity. MOGi is like an exclusive club: it helps you discover new places where you can shop, dine, play and relax every day, all with unique conditions and deals.

Every time you find a great deal for something tempting you can buy it, save it, redeem it and pay for it, all within the app. Or you can pass it forward to a friend that you know will love it.

Let's get shopping back to what it was meant to be: a purveyor of daily happiness that brings us together.