How can I start using MOGi? 

You will first need to download the MOGi app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up. Registration is quick and involves sharing your name, email, phone number and choosing a password.  An SMS with an OTP will be sent to you for verification purposes.

I tried to sign up but I didn't receive an SMS. What should I do?  

This may be network problem. Please try again. Contact us at if the problem persists.

I'm trying to sign up with a non-Singapore phone number but I'm not able to. Why? 

Currently MOGi is open to Singapore mobile number holders only.

Does it cost any money to sign up to MOGi? 

MOGi is FREE to download and FREE to use.


Can I install MOGi on two different phones? 

Yes, MOGi can be downloaded onto multiple phones, but you can only be logged in on one device at any one time.

How do I see my account statement? 

A transaction history report is available for you to view and download anytime from your online portal at 

In addition, you can view the transaction history of your Value Cards on the phone application itself by tapping on the specific value card and then tapping the History button.

I got a new phone with a new phone number. How can I transfer my account to the new phone number?

You can transfer your account information to a new phone number within your Settings-Mobile tab in the customer online portal at

How do I access my account on the online portal?

You can use the same ID (mobile number) and password that you use on the app to access your account online at

How do I change my password? 

You can change you password within the Profile tab in your Wallet.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one? 

You may request for a new password by tapping "Forget your password?" located on the Login screen.

My phone got lost or stolen. What should I do? Will I lose all my vouchers and gift cards? 

You may go to your online account under and under Settings-Mobile, you can disable your mobile access, or assign to a new mobile number.


What are Value Cards? 

Value Cards are merchant specific stored value cards, or prepaid cards, that normally include an upfront bonus and are linked to each merchant's loyalty program.

Why are they called Value Cards?

We call them value cards because as a holder of these cards, you are considered a valued customer of that merchant.  These prepaid cards also provide you additional value by including a bonus cash amount with each top up.  And you get even more value out of using Value Cards because they earn you point and rewards with each top up and every time you use one to pay at a store.

How do I top up a Value Card? 

Value Cards may be topped up from within your wallet when you notice the balance is getting low. You can also top up a value card on your web portal, or by visiting a merchant and topping up at the cashier's.

How can I buy vouchers or top up value cards if I don't have a PayPal account?

You may use your credit card.  Or you can visit the merchant's outlet and top up a value card using cash or any other accepted payment mode.

Can I use a pre-paid Value Card from one merchant to buy something from another merchant? 

MOGi only allows value cards to be bought and redeemed with the same merchant.

Do Value Cards expire?

Yes. Each merchant decides on the validity period of their Value Card. It is normally 1 year or more from the last topup or use date, but can vary by merchant. So please make sure to check the expiry date on your Value Cards frequently to avoid forfeiting them. MOGi will send a reminder to your INBOX one month before any item in your wallet is due to expire. So make sure to check your INBOX often.

Can I extend the expiry date of Value Cards?

Yes. Normally if your expiry date is approaching, you can extend it by either topping up or by using your Value Card to make a payment for a store purchase.

How many times can I top up a Value Card? 

You may top up the balance of a Value Card any number of times, unless you have reached the maximum allowable balance.

Is there a limit on how much money I can load on a single merchant Value Card? 

The maximum balance you can top up and hold on any single merchant's value card is S$500.

Is there a limit on the number of Value Cards I can have in My Wallet?

No. You can have as many Value Cards as you want from as many merchants as you like.


Can I buy a voucher from one merchant and use it at another? 

MOGi only allows vouchers to be bought and redeemed with the same merchant.

How do I buy a voucher? 

All merchant offering can be found under the merchant tab

What are vouchers? 

Vouchers are one time deals for a product or service. Vouchers are also limited in availability due to the large accompanying discount which can range from 30-70%.

How are vouchers different from coupons? 

Coupons do not carry a monetary value and are used by merchants to promote something for free.

What happens if I don't use a voucher, or a coupon before the expiry date?

Vouchers and coupons must be redeemed before their expiration dates.  Otherwise, the expired items will be automatically removed from your wallet, and you won't be able to use them. Please check your INBOX frequently. MOGi will send you reminders a month before items in your wallet expire.

Can I extend the expiry date of vouchers and coupons? 

No. Expiration dates for vouchers and coupons are set by the issuing merchants and can't be changed.

Is there a limit on the number of vouchers I can buy and store in my wallet? 

There is no limit on the number of voucher you can buy, store or send as a gift from your wallet.


How do I use my phone to pay at the store?

Paying with your phone is very easy. Open your wallet and select either the merchant value card or voucher you wish to use. Tap Pay or Redeem.  Enter your password when prompted, and then have the cashier scan the QR code that appears on your screen. Or you can simply read out the 6 digits displayed above the QR code for the cashier to enter manually on their MOGi POS terminal.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a machine-readable code, similar to a barcode.  In the case of a MOGi payment, a QR Code is generated containing an OTP valid for 5 minutes. The merchant will need to scan this QR Code in order top complete the transaction.  A merchant will not be able to withdraw money from your Value Cards unless you authorize them to do by allowing to scan your QR Code for a particular transaction.

What is an OTP? 

It is a One Time Password which is valid for 5 minutes. 

I tapped pay on a Value Card and entered my password by accident, but I wasn't at the store. Will I lose money? What should I do? 

You can tap Pay to generate the QR code by entering your password, but the transaction will not go through, unless the Merchant terminal scans the code.

I tapped redeem on a voucher and entered my password by accident, but I wasn't at the store. Will I lose my voucher? What should I do? 

You can tap pay to generate the QR code by entering your password, but the transaction will not go through, unless the Merchant terminal scans the code.


How do I add new friends? 

Under the friends tab, tap the banner button on the upper right to see options.  From there you can choose to either Invite friends individually from your Contacts list or choose Synchronize Contacts to connect to all MOGi contacts at once.

How do I stop sharing activities with my friends? 

Go to Wallet and tap on Profile.  You can choose to turn off Share Activity using the slider button.

How do I use the gifts that I receive? 

Gifts will appear in your Inbox and can be moved to your wallet for use in the store.

What kind of gifts can I send? 

You can choose to send vouchers or value cards that can also be accompanied with a personal message to your friends.  You can even attach a photo or a video to your gift!

I'm trying to buy a voucher for a friend as a gift. How do I do it? 

There are two steps, first, you need to purchase the voucher, then from your wallet you would select the voucher and tap Send Gift and select which friend you would like to send the gift to.

I'm trying to send a value card top-up to a friend. How do I do it?

There are two steps, first, you need to top up a value card, then from the wallet you would select that value card and tap Send Gift. Select  your friend, and enter the amount that you would like to send as a gift.

How do I know that my friend received the gift I sent? 

Your gift is always delivered instantly.  You can check your friend's activity log to see when they opened the gift that you sent.

Can I send a gift to a friend who doesn't have MOGi? 

No, you can only invite a friend to become a MOGi member, after which they can register and receive gifts from you.

What are recommendations? 

Recommendations are posts related to merchants or offers that your friends are interested in and would like to share.


What are promotions? 

Promotions are free offers from merchants that appear in the Promotions tab and are usually limited in number.  Promotions usually come in the form of coupons but also promotional value cards with a small balance or promotion vouchers which can be redeemed for free.

Do I have to pay for vouchers and coupons under the Promotions tab? 

The Promotion tab contains fully subsidized goodies from various retail outlets, which do not require purchasing upfront.

How do I use promotional coupons, vouchers and cash cards? 

Promotional items may be moved to your wallet and used like any other items in the wallet to redeem goods and services at the sponsor merchant.

How do I change the frequency of promotions I receive? 

Also under Wallet Profile, you can define the category, frequency and location of offers that you would like to receive in your Promotions folder.


I accidentally tapped a coupon and used it but I wasn't at the store. Is it lost?

If it's a one-time coupon, a confirmation message will appear, if you click ok, it will be removed from your wallet.

What is a one-time use coupon? How is it different than a multi-use coupon? 

A one time use coupon is normally for a special promotional offer given by the merchant for a limited number of redemptions.

Can I use the same coupon more than once? 

Only if it is a multi-use coupon.


What are MOGiPoints?

You earn MOGiPoints when you use MOGi. Specifically, you will earn points for referring friends (after the friend you referred have made his/her first purchase on MOGi), for buying vouchers, topping up Value Cards, and for posting activities on Facebook or Twitter when prompted.  MOGiPoints are our way of saying thank you for using MOGi, and for letting people know about it.

How do I redeem MOGiPoints? 

MOGiPoints can be redeemed for specific gift vouchers that are available upon reaching certain point thresholds. Go to Wallet, tap on Loyalty Cards, and then tap on the card to see your point balance and gifts available for point redemption.

How do I earn merchant loyalty rewards?

You earn loyalty points or rebates from a merchant whenever you use their Value Card to make a payment for an in-store purchase instead of using cash or a credit card.

How do I redeem merchant loyalty rewards? 

Depending on the merchant program, rewards can be redeemed from within the app, e.g. you may choose from several rewards vouchers which can be moved to your wallet for redemption or the merchant may top-up your value card balance in the case of instant rebates or spending thresholds.

What is the difference between MogiRewards and other loyalty cards in my wallet? 

MogiRewards is a separate and fun loyalty rewards program that rewards more social activities and usage of MOGi.  You earn MOGiPoints regardless of merchant or product.   Merchant Loyalty Cards are specific to each merchant and will be place automatically in your Wallet as soon as you make your first in-store payment with that merchant's Value Card.

What Loyalty Programs do merchants offer? What rewards do I get?

In addition to MOGiPoints, each merchant runs their own loyalty program which reward you for using their Value Card to pay at the store, instead of cash or a credit card.  Some merchants offer you points than can be redeemed for gifts, while others give you instant cash rebates into your Value Card whenever you use it to pay. Some merchants have defined certain spending thresholds so they will give you a rebate once that spending level on the Value Card is reached. You can see the type of loyalty program a merchants runs under the page in the Merchant tab of the app.


I have a cash card with money on it for a merchant who went out of business. What should I do? How can I get my money back? 

Please contact us at and we will help follow up with the appropriate parties to help seek a refund.

I tried to buy something a few times but PayPal keep declining my payment. Why? What should I do? 

Declined payments may occur for any number of reasons.  If you have a PayPal account, you may contact their customer service, otherwise you can also check out by using another credit cards.

How do I access my account on the web? What username and password should I use in my web account?

You can access the online customer portal at .  The username and password are the same as the App and once you login you will be automatically logged out of the mobile App.

I have a voucher but it disappeared from my wallet. Where is it? 

If the voucher has expired it will be removed from your wallet.  You will receive Inbox reminders 30 days prior to the expiry date.  Please check your transaction history to check if your missing card has expired. If it has not, and you believe there was some problem with the system, then please contact us at and we'll be more than happy to check into it.

I had a coupon that disappeared. Where is it? 

If the coupon has expired if will be removed from your wallet.

I have a Value Card in my wallet that just disappeared. Where is it? How can I get my money back?

If the value card has expired it will be removed from your wallet.  You will receive Inbox reminders 30 days prior to the expiry date. Please check your transaction history to check if your missing card has expired. If it has not, and you believe there was some problem with the system, then please contact us at and we'll be more than happy to check into it.

I bought a voucher for a product but I want to return it. How can I get a refund?

You will need to refer to the merchant regarding their return policy on their promotions.

How can I get a refund for a value card top up that I made? 

Refunds are not allowed for Value Card top ups.

Can I return goods to a store that I buy with a store Value Card?   

That depends on the merchant's exchange or refund policy as it relates to special promotions.

I have some questions that are not answered here. Who should I contact?

Please contact us at for any additional questions you may have.