Tell someone you’re
thinking about them.

1. Wish List.

Ever wondered what your
friends might want? It’s
Simple! Check out their
Wish List!

If you don’t already have it in
your wallet, browse through
a wide selection of Vouchers
and Value Cards that are
offered in stores.

2. Send it over.

Pick an existing Voucher from your wallet, enter a greeting message, and attach a photo or video to make it more personal.

Or you may send a Value
Card top up with an amount
of your choosing. Enter the
amount you wish to gift, and
off you go!

3. Gift wrapped.

In seconds, your friend will
receive a surprise notification
and find that special gift in the
Inbox under Gifts.

And don’t forget to add items
to your own wishlist so that
your friends will know what to
get you when they receive
a reminder about your birthday from MOGi!