Shopping and dining has never
been more rewarding.

Redeeming Rewards

Earn 2 x Rewards

Merchants Rewards

Merchants may either give you a rebate into your Value Card, or award you loyalty points whenever you use a Value Card to pay for something.

MOGi Rewards

MogiPoints earned when you top up a value card, buy a voucher, refer a friend, or shares any activity on facebook or twitter. MogiPoints can then be redeemed for great gifts!

1. Merchant Rebates

Rebates go into the merchant's Value Card, and can be used instantly to make a purchase.

2. Merchant Gifts

Merchant loyalty points can be redeemed for gifts from
that merchant.

3. MogiPoints

MogiPoints can be redeemed
for gifts defined by MOGi for
products and services from
different merchants.

All to make you happy!