Myra's Beach Club
eat, drink and party
  Welcome to Myra's Beach Club, a fun bistro in the breeziest part of the beach inside the PA Water Venture East Coast. A favorite with surfers, it opens out onto a stunning stretch of sand and surf. Myra’s serves Mexican & North Indian Cuisine (mouthwatering North Indian Tandoori Kebabs & curries). So...its one destination with two cuisines.Just come & relax with your family & friends & enjoy the beautiful sea breeze with Mojitos, Margaritas, Sangrias.....and the list is endless....!!! Myra's can seat up to 120 guests. It’s an ideal place for private parties, corporate events, beach weddings & even kids' birthday parties. Great News for vegetarians ! Almost all the items on our menu have vegetarian options.
  • 1390 Eastcoast Parkway ( PA Water Venture ) Near Car park F3, Singapore 468961
    • Phone Number: 64433005
    • Operating Hours: Tues-Sunday 11am-midnight
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