Free application allows users to take advantage of exclusive promotions and make payments using their mobile at over 220 shops and restaurants.
16 October, 2012 (SINGAPORE) - Mobile wallet developers Mobile Media Creations (M2C) today revealed their revolutionary mobile app MOGi, Singapore's first mobile wallet for iPhone and Android. The secure app delivers a fast, hassle-free and fun way to indulge in exclusive promotions, discount vouchers and loyalty programmes at over 220 retail, health and beauty, and dining outlets across Singapore. With smartphone penetration in Singapore at 72%, and 68% of those being iPhones and Androids, the application allows merchants to deliver their latest offerings and deals directly to a large segment of the population.
Mr. Rashad Budeiri, the Chief Executive Officer of M2C said, "When we came up with the concept for MOGi, we wanted to ensure the best mCommerce experience for mobile consumers and enable an easy and secure payment infrastructure for our retail partners. We are thrilled to say that we have designed a value-packed application for the consumer, which can be downloaded for free, with a comprehensive list of participating retailers which will appeal to all age groups with diverse interests and tastes."
Mr. Budeiri added, "Our retail partners are set to benefit from a mobile customer engagement platform with the potential to reach out to millions of iPhone and Android users, with zero upfront investment and minimal recurring fees. We have signed up over 150 merchants ahead of launch, and will continue to grow this list going forward."
The MOGi solution was supported under the Mobility Solutions Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) issued in June 2011. The CFC aimed to spur productivity through the adoption of mobility solutions across 4 key customer facing sectors, i.e. the Retail, Food & Beverage, Hotels and Attractions sector. The 12 SMEs within the MOGI consortium, which includes Indochine and O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, were supported by IDA's iSPRINT scheme for sector adoption of the solution. The MOGI solution will also be enhanced to provide personalised marketing and NFC-enhanced features in the upcoming months in partnership with IDA's Digital Concierge programme.
Strategic Partners
PayPal enables faster, safer mobile payments in the MOGi app. Consumers do not need to enter in their 16-digit credit card number and personal details on a small mobile screen. Instead, they simply need to login to their PayPal account and confirm the payment, thus the mobile transaction can be completed in as little as two clicks. In addition, PayPal does not share its users' financial details with merchants and does not store users' financial details on mobile devices, providing additional layers of security for mobile shoppers.
"PayPal has enabled more convenient and more secure payments for many mobile apps in Singapore and we are excited to support MOGi as one of the first apps to allow consumers to pay at point of sale with a simple scan of their mobile device," said Faraz Ahmed, PayPal's Head of Southeast Asia and India. "We look forward to working with Mobile Media Creations as our channel partner to sign up even more local merchants to benefit from the multi-billion dollar mobile commerce revolution in Singapore."
Aside from being a mobile wallet which enables mobile payment, shopping, storage of prepaid cards, loyalty cards, vouchers and coupons, MOGi is a lifestyle app which allows users to take advantage of the best promotions, and to connect with friends through instant gifting, product recommendations, and sharing of activities. Other exciting features include:
Prepaid Value Cards
Consumers can now have access to a wide range of prepaid value cards from premium retailers across Singapore. In addition to upfront top-up bonuses ranging from 10% to 50%, MOGi value cards allow users to securely pay for items in store using their mobile phones, earing them loyalty points and rebates as they do so. MOGi gives merchants total control over their prepaid value card and linked loyalty program. Each merchant is able to customize the program to suit their needs and cater to their customers' preferences.
Deal Vouchers
Shoppers can use MOGi to purchase vouchers at discounts of up to 90% for specific products and services on offer from participating retailers. Unlike daily deals where users are only offered special discounts for a limited number of days, and only if a predetermined number of consumers buy the deal, MOGi vouchers are not tied to the number of buyers, and are on offer for extended periods of time ranging from weeks to months. Also unlike daily deals where you only have a few merchants and products to choose from every day, MOGi offers ongoing deals from dozens of merchants every day of the year.
Loyalty Programs
MOGi users now get to enjoy the benefits of loyalty programmes without cumbersome cards stuffed in their wallets. MOGi users earn double rewards when they use the app. MOGi Points are earned each time the app is used to purchase a voucher or top up a value card. MOGi Points are also awarded for friend referrals and for posting activities to Facebook and Twitter. MOGi Points can then be redeemed for gift vouchers from a variety or merchants right from within the app.
As prepaid value cards are used to pay for products and services in store, consumers will also earn merchant loyalty points or get rebates deposited into their value cards instantly, or at pre-determined spending levels. Each merchant has the ability to customize their own loyalty program linked to their value card usage. MOGi automatically creates and stores loyalty cards for tracking and reward redemptions.
In a shopping destination where endless promotions are near impossible to keep track of, MOGi has been designed to deliver notifications on your favorite retailer promotions. The ease and convenience of the interface allows for quick updates on promos across the city. MOGi also gives users total control over the frequency of promo notifications delivered to their phones, as well as the types and location of merchants they wish to receive promotions from. Users can even limit the promotions they receive to a list of merchants they specify. This level of control ensures that users only get the promotions they are truly interested in.
Social Gifting
MOGi offers shoppers looking for a unique gift, competitive prices through its wide network of retailers. Users are able to create a wish-list which in turn can be shared with the their MOGi friends. The app allows users to receive timely reminders prior to their friends' birthdays and other special occasions so that they can instantly buy and send them gifts while taking advantage of the best promotions in town. All of this can be done securely, anytime anywhere, with a few taps on their iPhone or Android screen!
Alerts and Reminders
One of the issues consumers face with paper based vouchers and coupons is that they often expire before they get a chance to use them. MOGi helps users keep track and take full advantage of all their coupons and vouchers by sending them alerts before they expire, thereby ensuring that users get the full benefits of their favorite merchants' promotions and offers.
Mobile Payment Technology
In order to cater to the widest possible population of smartphone users in Singapore, and due to the lack of NFC support on the iPhone and many Android phones in use today, we've opted to use proven and widely available QR code scanning technology as a mobile payment technique. Coupled with OTP (One Time Password) technology, a QR Code encapsulating an OTP is scanned by the merchant's MOGi POS application running on a 7" Android Tablet or an Android handset. The in store payment process is secured through a 3-way handshake and verification by the consumer, merchant and intermediary cloud services designed and managed by M2C.
Security is a key concern for most users, especially with the high risk of identity theft and fraud, and as such, took center stage in the design and development of the MOGi platform. MOGi includes a comprehensive fraud management system to ensure that all transaction information remains secure and private.
No data or credit card information is ever stored on handsets, which means that a lost phone will not compromise the user's wallet. All mobile payments require the user's MOGi password at the time of transaction.
No credit card information is ever stored on any MOGi cloud-based servers and databases. All purchase transactions are conducted transparently using PayPal, where money from any sales over MOGi is transferred directly from the consumer into the merchant's PayPal account.
Merchant Adoption
The MOGi point-of-sale infrastructure uses an Android tablet or phone, and a cryptic one-time QR code for all purchases that are authenticated and authorized within the cloud-networking platform. Said Eugene Lim, Group Marketing Manager at IndoChine Group, a MOGi merchant partner, "the MOGi idea is a unique one; with its many features that engage the consumers and encourage purchases through the provision and assurance of a safe and secure buying process, and different platforms that allow us to market to these consumers. This, coupled with the ease of use for our operations staff, and a fuss-free payment process from consumer to us, made partnering with MOGi a natural choice."
A significant advantage of MOGi is also its accessibility to not only large corporations but also to small to medium businesses. An efficient set up, that can be up and running within hours, MOGi offers seamless services to merchants using state-of-the-art cloud networks and mobile applications that few merchants can execute on their own. Until today, such sophisticated cloud networking and mobile technology has been used only by market dominating companies.
Mr. Budeiri said, "MOGi brings the power of cloud networking and mobile technology to merchants of any size, giving them sales and marketing tools previously reserved for a few privileged merchants who had the capability of spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for a platform. We wanted to develop a technology that was accessible to all - from sole proprietors to large global brands."
The MOGi app can be downloaded via the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store. For more information please visit:
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